Our marriage is very short lived

Be consistent, no matter what you decide to start with. Your body’s internal alarm clock will get stronger if you follow the same sleep schedule and employ the same sleep techniques, which should increase the quality of your sleep. Better sleep lowers the risk of illness, promotes emotional well-being, increases productivity, and improves overall health. Make the most of the time you spend with the individuals you enjoy spending time with. You’ll get excited and energized when you connect with people who share your interests and emit positivity. On the other hand, you will only use energy on those you don’t relate to, who have a pessimistic attitude, constantly whine, or make bad decisions. Be picky about who you associate with. Keeping up with current events in the globe requires reading the news. It has the potential to be inspiring, amusing, and instructive. Sadly, stories of pain appear in the news all too often. These tales have the power to distort your perception of reality and make you ignore the positive things all around you in favor of dwelling on your greatest worries. While it may not be possible to completely avoid these tales, try to limit your exposure when you can, particularly during difficult times. Unlike what you would think, this will put more energy into your account rather than take it away.

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