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Our plan is to have 12 children

After you’ve resolved the Hamletian conundrum of “does she love me or does she not love me?” you’ll be confronted with a new Hamletian conundrum: Men who have been married for a long period are also affected. As we all know, love is a fluid concept, and people frequently break up with their lovers. As a result, we’ve arrived at the crux of the issue: genuine love. When two people are truly in love, we tend to feel that nothing can go wrong. A person’s conduct and actions will reveal whether or not they are in love with someone, leading to a host of other clues. Here are some examples of what women do when they are dedicated to someone. She was always there for you, in good times and bad. She was there to help you with your rent as soon as you lost your job. You didn’t have to be concerned about her reaction if you told her something. She only knows your worst worries and darkest thoughts about you, but she still loves you. She is a fantastic listener, but she also shows you how dumb it is to quarrel with your family or friends or to separate yourself from everyone. She is a mentor as well as a friend to you. You can always rely on her advice when you need it. One of her best qualities is her willingness to show you the way out if things aren’t going your way. Have you ever met a couple who never gets into a fight? There will always be arguments in any relationship. When a woman and her boyfriend quarrel, she will go to any length to make the relationship work. When she and her spouse encounter disagreements, she uses them to work through their issues rather than to end their relationship.

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