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Our Sister’s advice about what she experiences about Beirut

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“Please do not come now” Our Sister’s advice about what she experiences about Beirut. work is an interactive play performed entirely by the audience on a Zoom call, about when things stop working. It is an entirely new, digital, interactive adaptation of Nathan Ellis’ play work.txt, which was nominated for an Innovation Award at VAULT Festival 2020.

This semi-autobiographical show merges monologues, slam poetry, projections, and character-defining moments from her past to analyze the racket that creates student debt and how it affects students of color. This play is especially relevant for anyone who has struggled with student debt, and the pressure of chasing their dreams against the expectation of their parents.

The moment you log on, you become an integral part of the play. Watch it to understand how theatre can exist and thrive in innovative formats in the digital world. And to be part of the most fun you might have on a Zoom call. This play comes to you from London.

Set in a dystopian future in 2121, As Mariposas, by Os Satyros from San Paulo, Brazil, shows us more possibilities of digital theatre. It is a performance about the future and is the future of theatre. It speaks to the moment we are in the challenges of being a human being on this planet destroyed by mankind, and the political threats we live with.

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