Our wedding….. Mahi and Kid

Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. There are plenty of other chances to celebrate with family and friends after the ceremony and reception, some of which even start the day you become engaged. An engagement party is a celebration of becoming engaged, that’s all. It can happen the night of the proposal, though it usually happens a few months later. These “surprise” engagement parties, which are occasionally treated as separate events, are more casual in nature and are usually organised by a member of the couple proposing. Though close friends and family may travel, friends or relatives who live nearby are typically the ones who attend the smaller-scale celebration where the proposal takes place. A more conventional engagement party can be thrown by anybody looking to celebrate a couple, and it usually happens a few months after the proposal. We discover that neighbourhood friends from childhood, parents’ best friend, etc., frequently stay with family friends. People who, although not related by blood, are in many ways family. A fun engagement party can take many different forms and feature a range of games and activities. Presents are not strictly required, but it is a kind gesture if guests bring something small. Her go-to was a cookbook that was associated with the place or trip where the couple got engaged.

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