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Pakistani athlete weighing 435 kg

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In Birmingham on August 16, 1978, nine-year-old Barbara Ann Stewart and her kin were returning to home base when they saw a youth with the capacity compartment of his vehicle open all over town. As they gravitated toward the man, he grabbed Barbara. She uncovered to her kin to run, so he took off. The man yelled at Barbara to calm down or he would attack and kill her. Then, he stuffed her in the capacity compartment and drove off. Relatively close, the man pulled over and opened the capacity compartment. Barbara attacked him with a tire iron that she had found inside. Resulting in hitting her hoodlum in the head, she went through the thorns and found a few cops who were looking for her since her people had called 911 social gatherings kin ran home.

In the early evening of June 8, 1994, Benjamin Brockway, 12, was riding his bike in Ottawa Hills, Ohio, a select suburb of Toledo. Exactly when he ended to fix his bike, a man and a teenage child in a red pickup truck pulled nearby him. Benjamin and the youngster fought, and thereafter, Benjamin was gotten and put into the taxi of the truck. His bike was stowed rearward. As the hoodlums drove, they thought about delivering Benjamin. Then, they saw a crew vehicle drive by and managed against it. All things being equal, they drove northwest to a motel room that they had several days sooner. Benjamin said that his family would pay for his return, so his abductors expeditiously called his people and mentioned $50,000. The hoodlums called again the following morning. Regardless, around 20 hours after Benjamin was taken, the rascals dropped him off in a nearby neighborhood without getting any installment. At whatever point he was conveyed, he hurried to a house and discovered help.

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