Paster Yonatan and his wife on EBS

Yonatan Aklilu is hitched to Doi. They are continuing with an everyday presence that can be a model for some married couples.

Yonatan is known for his Excellent Youth program which is right now is held for more than six deliveries. He is endeavoring to help the young adult with having a prevalent life and guide itself in the image of its producer.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said throughout late years, around 9 billion USD has been sent off the Diaspora social class.

Emissary Birtukan Ayano had a web-based discussion with critical mediators and specialists of the Diaspora Public Diplomacy Group highlighting strengthening the persistent public technique and fund-raising undertakings of the Diaspora.

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If you set up your own Tinkantank; explicitly, the use of transport mechanical assembly and collaborations resources; By fuel use: Given the diverse issues in the stock and use of additional parts, I figure it may be valuable to download and propel the public power’s somewhat long heading, plan, and execution results.

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