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people are telling us to get married

Not that I’ve ever wanted to be a model, nor will I ever want to be one. It does, however, limit my career options. Short people’s weight gain is significantly (and painfully) more evident, not only because of my little, stubby legs. You may think this is a stretch, but my past experiences have shown me that it is entirely doable. Last year, in a graphics session, I decided to try an experiment where I stood at my desk while the rest of the class sat. Of course, the teacher had no idea.
The majority of the time, finding well-fitting apparel for short people is difficult. There’s always the little area, but let’s face it, there’s rarely much choice. To tell you the truth, I’ve become accustomed to it. After attending countless concerts throughout my life, I’ve stopped complaining that my friends and I are always standing behind tall people since I’ve recognized that the problem isn’t the other people’s height, but rather my own. This may look insignificant to some, or even a positive rather than a negative feature to others. For a 17-year-old, this is a massive no-no. Earlier this year, my family and I visited the Yorkshire Dales. We were having supper in a pub one night when one of the bartenders struck up a discussion with us.

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