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People ask us why we don’t have biological children

After you’ve settled the Hamletian conundrum of “does she love me or doesn’t she love me?” you’ll be faced with another Hamletian conundrum: Men who have been married for a long time are likewise affected by this. As we all know, love is a fluid idea, and it’s common for people to break up with their partners. As a result, we have arrived at the heart of the matter: real love. We tend to believe that nothing can go wrong when two individuals are really in love. A person’s behavior and actions will show that they are in love with someone, and this will lead to a slew of other indicators. Here are some examples of what women do when they’re in a committed relationship. In good times and bad, she was always there for you. As soon as you lost your job, she was there to help you with your rent. You didn’t have to worry about her reacting badly if you told her something. Your worst concerns and darkest fears are all she knows about you, but she still loves you. She’s a good listener, but she also helps you see how foolish it is to get into fights with your family or friends or isolate yourself from everyone. She is both a mentor and a friend to you. When you need counsel, you can always count on her. One of the best things about her is that she isn’t hesitant to show you the way out if things aren’t going your way. Have you ever encountered a couple that never gets into a fight? In any relationship, there will always be disagreements. Whenever there is a disagreement between a woman and her man, she will do whatever it takes to make things work. When she and her partner have conflicts, she uses them as a way to work through their issues rather than as a way to break up.

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