People don’t think I married him for love

When it comes to romantic relationships, women are renowned collectors. Even after a breakup, they save whatever objects they believe to be significant, such as letters, movie tickets, chocolate boxes, and other mementos from the relationship. The precise opposite is true with men, though. Men are more likely to destroy all mementos as soon as a breakup occurs, unless it’s something special, in order to feel better mentally. In addition to tangible items, guys adopt a no-contact policy. He doesn’t make friends with his ex-girlfriend right away following the split. This includes deleting their images from all platforms, barring them on social media, and erasing their cell phone number. Men would likewise steer clear of places that had any connection to their ex. Guys won’t enter particular clubs, restaurants, or coffee shops, whether it is because of a memorable experience there or a high likelihood of running into his ex. Because he isn’t continually reminded of what he just lost, all of these techniques aid a man’s recovery process. Women frequently make the error of assuming that the ex-decision partner’s to block them on social media is petty or an indication that he didn’t care about them at all.
However, boys enjoy this approach and it is actually advised to reduce social media use. The majority of males who block an ex-partner on social media do so because they don’t want to cope with uncomfortable feelings. They can feel depressed or even stalkerish after looking at their ex-social girlfriend’s media accounts because he would be aware of everything she is doing. The actual purpose of avoiding social media is to protect oneself from negative thoughts and insecure sensations.

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