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There were no concerns about their musicianship because they were all well-prepared. However, there was a crucial piece of the otherwise full picture missing—they did not at all engage the audience. Despite the excellent music they were playing, it bothered me to see Ryan’s band members standing still on stage with no eye contact, no smiles, and no indication of pleasure or enthusiasm. I was sorry for Ryan. He was exerting himself to the hilt on the platform like a one-man performance, and no one was helping him. The band had not spent the necessary time practicing their ensemble movements, interpersonal interactions, or crowd-pleasers. The lead singer requires backing from the band, and vice versa. It was as if Ryan were in a boxing ring and his opponent was beating him up while no one rushed to the corner to offer him water to drink, clean the sweat and blood off his face, or tend to his wounds. The band is his band on that platform, his cheerleaders. “Entertainment value” is unquestionably something I would look for in a live performance if I were a talent buyer. They are a fantastic band that has the potential to be even better once they learn to organize their movements and “act,” or liven up on stage, as a group rather than just “Ryan the singer and his musicians.” To be in perfect harmony, to move effortlessly, and to be in unison as a group, a band truly has to work together. After Ryan ended, another band took the stage, and we stayed to listen to them. The band was more vivacious, had more energy, and had a greater presence on stage. The lead singer was also really decent.

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