People that have gone too far with plastic surgery

Some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous celebrities have died as a result of botched plastic surgery. Khloé Kardashian, Tara Reid, and Janice Dickinson are just a handful of the celebrities who have admitted to going over and beyond with cosmetic surgery procedures, including botched surgeries and excessive fillers. In a 2006 appearance with The Today Show, Tara admitted to getting defective breast implants. The results were visible to the entire world when she attended Diddy’s 35th birthday celebration and the strap of her gown slipped down, exposing her bare left breast to a wall of paparazzi on the red carpet. “Awful,” Tara said of the experience. “I got known for having the ugliest breast in the world.” It had gone viral on the internet. “They number in the millions.”
“I was already dealing with my appearance,” she continued, “and the last thing I wanted was for the whole world to see it.” “Instead of being a circle, the real center part, where the areola is located, turned out to be a massive square.” “It was shaped like a goose egg and was pretty irregular,” Tara continued. It was a complete disaster.”
Tara explained that she underwent surgery due of the pressures of Hollywood. “I did it to compensate for the fact that one of my breasts was larger than the other.”

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