People think I eat a lot Yelib weg with Hayat and Mahder

You should always, always tell the truth when you speak. No matter how tiny the lie was, it will damage your credibility if you are found out. Even if there is no profit to you, helping someone else fosters trust. Genuine kindness contributes to trust-building. Building trust by being honest about your emotions is frequently successful. People are also more likely to trust you if they sense that you care. Building trust requires emotional intelligence. The key to establishing trust is to acknowledge your emotions, take the lessons that are learned to heart, and take positive action. Building and maintaining strong relationships depend heavily on acknowledgment and gratitude. Recognising and praising others’ contributions improves their faith in you and demonstrates your leadership and collaborative skills. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t show gratitude for a kind deed, it comes out as selfish. Selfishness erodes confidence.
Giving up your own values and views means acting only out of need for approval. This undermines your confidence in your values and principles. Others will admire your honesty if you consistently act in accordance with your moral convictions, regardless of how others may feel.

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