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people told me to quit the show

And if you have one—or more—of these thoughts, you’ll almost certainly want to give up. Return to this blog article if you find yourself on the verge of quitting. It’s a mentality to never give up. It’s also a mindset you can embrace. Everyone has times when life seems too difficult, when giving up seems to be the only alternative. We believe that no matter how hard we strive, we will never be able to attain our objectives and realize our ambitions. It’s all too easy to just give up. If you’re feeling down, there are certain things you can do to refocus your goals, reset your priorities, and stay inspired. Don’t give up before giving it a shot. If you took a chance and didn’t get the results you wanted, whether it was not getting a promotion at work, asking someone out and being turned down, or auditioning for a play and not getting the part, it might be difficult to ignore that little voice in your head telling you to give up. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, intentionally interrupt it and try to replace it with something more positive. Looking for the bright side or the positives takes practice, but if you stick with it, it may become a habit. Recognize when you’re having self-doubts and look into the underlying thoughts that are causing them.

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