People who should avoid milk and 12 mistakes made while drinking milk

Milk has long been promoted as being 100 percent healthy and even essential to a balanced diet by the dairy industry. However, the endearing milk mustaches of viral marketing campaigns hide more sinister realities. According to research, drinking milk increases your risk of developing serious conditions like heart disease, cancer, and obesity. The dairy industry’s desire to maximize profits makes the animal cruelty and environmental costs associated with the production of cow’s milk even worse. Many consumers have turned to the numerous plant-based substitutes that are becoming more and more well-liked by the day after learning the truth about cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is no longer thought to be the panacea for health that the dairy industry has promoted. Instead, it is now known to have a number of harmful health effects. Regular consumption of cow’s milk can increase the risk of fatal diseases, broken bones, and acne-prone skin. The only animals that continue to consume milk as adults are humans, and only humans can consume milk from other species. Similar to how evolution has tailored a human mother’s milk to nourish her newborn children, cow’s milk is designed to give baby cows the best nutrition possible. Many people are lactose intolerant because they lack the necessary digestive enzymes—known as lactase—that would enable them to process cow’s milk. Some people prefer to drink their milk hot or cold, while others like to add chocolate or bananas to it in order to gain weight. People can consume milk in a variety of ways, whether it’s in the morning or at night. Because milk takes longer to digest than, say, lemon or another citrus fruit, the milk coagulates when consumed with them. Gas and heartburn may result from this. Some individuals are also lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot process the lactose found in milk.

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