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people with strange body part

Every person’s body is different, and some of us have striking differences that set us apart from the rest. Jena Amend was born with a hemangioma, a type of huge red tumor that forms on the outside of the body. This occurred on one of Amend’s fingers, and after years of treatment, she had the entire finger amputated. As a result, her cartoon-like hand with only four fingers sticks out from the throng, although it operates completely fine and is even her dominant arm. This woman has polydactylism, which means she has an additional finger, on the other extreme of the digital range. This is not unusual, and Anne Boleyn is suspected. This man’s stunning hair is the product of a disorder known as Waardenburg Syndrome, which sadly has bad consequences— he’s deaf in one ear, but at least his beard is truly one-of-a-kind. Shilah Madison has uncombable hair syndrome, which is so uncommon that just approximately 100 cases have been reported worldwide. Celeste, Shilah’s mother, has stated that “her daily regimen of hair maintenance is a long and painful one.” Brushing is only done when absolutely necessary.” She uses Instagram to share images of her baby with the problem and to teach others how to deal with similar hair.

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