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Perfumed plants and hot spring at Wondogenet

By way of Wendo Wosha, Wondo Genet is connected to Shashamene by a newly renovated paved road; the last three kilometers from Wendo Wosha are a gravel road in fair shape. Wondo Genet is surrounded by primary Ethiopian woods and is famed for its hot springs. It is home to an arboretum and the Swedish-based College of Forestry, which was created in 1977. The Essential Oils Research Sub Center is also in this resort town, where spices, aromatic, and medicinal plants are preserved and their properties studied. The Wondo Genet hotel was built in 1964 on land that was previously utilized as a royal family vacation area until 1975. Emperor Haile Selassie gave it the name “Wondo Paradise,” which refers to the lovely landscape with its abundance of trees, wildlife, and water. The hotel’s ownership was passed to the Hotels Corporation, which is now a subsidiary of Wabe Shebelle Hotels Enterprise. The hotel has a 54.4-hectare property with 40 rooms, a restaurant, and a bar, as well as swimming pools and access to the hot springs.
The 1983 Wendo Genet earthquake was one of Ethiopia’s most devastating in the twentieth century.

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