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Places where there is no sunrise or sunset

Our schedule is 24 hours long, with about 12 hours of daylight and the other hours being darkness. But did you know that there are regions of the planet where the sun never sets for up to 70 days straight? If even the inhabitants there get confused with no sunset for 70 straight days, just think how fun (or confusing) it would be for tourists to keep track of time! You did read that correctly.
Norway, which is located in the Arctic Circle, is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun because there the sun never sets from May until late July. This implies that the sun doesn’t set for roughly 76 days. It is also the most northern inhabited territory in Europe. From April 10 to August 23, the sun never sets in Svalbard, Norway. You can schedule your trip to this location now and look forward to the days without nightfall. In Canada’s Northwest Territories, two degrees above the Arctic Circle, is where Nunavut is situated. During the summer, this area has around two months of nonstop sunlight, while the winter months bring about 30 days straight of complete darkness. Iceland, which is the second-largest island in Europe after the United Kingdom, is renowned for not having any mosquitoes. Iceland has clear evenings in the summer, and the sun never sets throughout the month of June. Visit the Arctic Circle’s Grimsey Island and the city of Akureyri to experience the Midnight Sun in all its splendor.

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