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Plastic surgery has a bad reputation for making people appear… plastic. But, as much as we enjoy ogling botched plastic operations (hello, Botched), we’d be mistaken to suppose that Hollywood is devoid of good examples of cosmetic procedures. In truth, many celebrities have done very little work and still look fantastic. Not only that, but many of them are eager to discuss it. Gone are the days when celebrities had to justify their newly refreshed appearance by claiming they had been drinking more water! Many Hollywood A-listers (and, let’s face it, many B- and C-listers) are more than eager to spill the beans on how they stay “young” indefinitely. Sharon Osbourne no longer resembles the woman she once was. Photos of her with her husband, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, from her early days indicated that she resembled the suburban mom next door. However, a little (or a lot) of TV exposure can motivate people to take their beauty to new heights, and Sharon attributes her now-stunning face to multiple plastic surgery surgeries. “I got my neck and jowls done… “He took it from the top of my head and wrapped it in an elastic band,” she claimed on her talk show The Talk. “However, everything was just pulled up.” As a result, it appears to be more rejuvenated.”

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