Please let make this a movie….artist Haregewoin

The majority of individuals believe that there is a specific method, plan, or approach that will help you become a great actor. That is not true, though; there is no set path to success as a great actor. Acting styles are as distinctive as you are. Each actor has a unique method for entering the character they are portraying. Actors put in a lot of overtime at the studio, often to their detriment. They continually attempting to “get it right,” which causes them to lose the element of surprise and mystery that all truly great artists possess. Count on the opposite. If your father is berating you for staying out so late as you enter the house. Expect him to be away when you open the door. Be at ease and have faith in it. The hardest one might be this one. We cannot simply be ourselves on camera and expect that to suffice in the achievement-driven environment we live in. Or, can we? Opening nights and the first day on a film or television set are challenges for a young artist. Let’s face it, it makes you feel sick to your stomach. You’re sensitive and a human. When faced with this, actors frequently become uncomfortable and attempt to “think” their way through the part.

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