“Please say yes….”comedy video with Nati

Like my grandfather, I want to pass away quietly while I’m asleep. not like the folks on his bus, who were yelling in panic. That joke made you laugh because three things happened in your brain in a split second. You saw an oddity right away: You thought of my grandfather as blissfully dozing off in bed, but you soon discovered he was actually operating a bus. Second, you explained the contradiction: My grandfather was dozing off behind the wheel. Third, you realized I wasn’t being serious and experienced amusement thanks to the parahippocampal gyrus region of your brain. And it all brought you a little bit of happiness. I understand that you’re probably no longer laughing after that analysis. As a frog can be dissected, so can humor. However, the object perishes in the process, and anyone but a pure scientific mind would be discouraged by the insides, according to White. All right. But finding laughter in life—even in the most dire circumstances—can be the key to keeping us from losing hope. Humor is a serious business for happiness.

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