Poetry by Yared Sisay got a warm appreciation

This article includes linguistic and philological observations as well as a description of the publication and translation of a recently discovered Old Amharic poetry that was possibly composed in the middle or first half of the seventeenth century. The published work is titled Märgämä kbr (“Condemnation of Glory”), although its content differs from several other Old Amharic poems of the same name (but not wholly independent from one another). All of Märgämä kbr’s poetry touches on topics like the transience of the physical world, the certainty of death and God’s judgment, and the importance of living moral lives. Thus, the Christian community was addressed in the early Amharic literary form known as Märgämä kbr for both religious education and layperson caution. It probably originated from oral literature. Any new text composed in an earlier form of Amharic is significant and valuable, and it might make us rethink our preconceived notions. Although we are still acquiring information, the body of early Amharic writings and literature that is known has been rising significantly in recent years. theatrical company of African Americans In Chicago, Illinois, there existed a theater called the Ethiopian Art Theatre, sometimes called The Ethiopian Art Players. It had previously gone by the names Chicago Folk Theatre and Colored Folk Theatre. During the Harlem Renaissance, the company was a major, albeit transient, institution. It’s debatable if the corporation was founded in 1922 or 1923. Despite the fact that all of its actors were African Americans, it was founded by Raymond O’Neil, a white theatre director, and Mrs. Sherwood Anderson, a white sponsor.

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