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price of shiro wat in restaurants in addis ababa

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Shiro is an East African stew also known as Shiro Wat or Tsebhi Shiro. Powdered chickpeas or wide bean meal are the main ingredients, which are frequently combined with minced onions, garlic, and, depending on regional preference, ground ginger or diced tomatoes and chili peppers. Shiro is served with kitcha (leavened flatbread) or injera (leavened flatbread) (unleavened flatbread). Tegabino shiro is a shiro cooked with a strongly spiced legume, such as chickpeas, field peas, or fava beans, oil (or butter), and water. In a tiny clay pot or shallow aluminum pan, it is presented to the table bubbling. It’s usually eaten with dark injera or sergegna injera.

Shiro fit-fit is a kind of shiro that is cooked and served with shredded injera or taita and eaten with a spoon. Shiro is a vegan dish, but non-vegan versions with niter kibbeh (spiced clarified butter) or meat are available (in which case it is called bozena shiro).

Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines are incomplete without shiro. It’s a popular dish for special events like Tsom (Lent), Ramadan, and other fasting periods.

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