price of turkey suits and shoe in Ethiopia 2014

The majority of suits are now ready-to-wear, although this was not always the case. Tailor-made suits were the only option 200 years ago, and only the very wealthy could afford them. Tailors manufactured suits, and their processes were kept a closely guarded trade secret. For many years, the suit was reserved for special occasions. The gentlemen’s suit found its natural habitat at weddings, funerals, and the office. As a result, the formal event and the formal attire became interchangeable. A formal shirt and, of course, a tie were virtually always required while wearing a suit. The other option was to dress casually. Without a tie, you wouldn’t be able to wear a suit. It is now possible to wear a suit without a tie or even a formal shirt. Suits are typically paired with a crewneck sweater or a sophisticated T-shirt. They may be worn with practically any shoe, including sneakers, and look very fashionable and sophisticated. After arguing that a suit is appropriate wear for casual events, it retains some of its earlier seriousness. This gives the wearer a sophisticated look. Casual occasions don’t always need casual standards. The suit has a long and illustrious history. Changes in fabric, style, and manufacturing methods have all been modified and responded to. It has maintained its place in a gentleman’s wardrobe despite everything. Even the introduction of leisurewear, which was influenced by sportswear, hasn’t been able to break the trend. It has a particular place in my heart. It is an object of desire for many men because it is not a necessary buy for work. A tailored suit maintains its appearance for a longer period of time. A tailor-made suit is a long-lasting clothing due to its fit and quality. Over time, tailoring is a wise investment.
This rationale for wearing a suit more frequently may seem strange to you. You’ll want to be able to wear a fantastic suit for longer if you’ve spent a lot of money on it. Because a tailored suit is so expensive, keeping its value involves wearing it for longer. The suit’s fit is crucial in this situation.

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