Prices of cars in Addis Ababa 2015

Kelley Blue Book is the only company with more knowledge about car prices. We use more than 90 years of experience to tell you what you should anticipate to pay for your next automobile, whether you’re interested in new car pricing, certified used car prices (also known as Certified Pre-Owned or CPO prices), or used car prices. We update or validate our data weekly to provide market-reflective prices that are trusted by both consumers and the automotive industry, helping you find a fair car price. With the aid of the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor, car buyers and sellers can discuss prices in a realistic manner. A recent Cox Automotive study on the car-buying process revealed that consumers are looking for a fair car price not only for new cars but also for used cars and the cars they already own. Concentrating on a single price ignores all the factors involved in structuring a car deal. It is the goal of the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor to ease tension between buyers and sellers. Over the course of its 90+ years of experience estimating car prices, Kelley Blue Book has developed its own unique formula. Today, we examine hundreds of thousands of vehicle transactions every week and take into account factors like seasonality and supply & demand. We have car pricing based on over 120 US geographic regions, and we individually analyze each region to reflect local pricing and economic conditions, because car prices don’t vary widely across the nation. For your benefit, we even let you know whether the dealer’s asking price is a “Great Price” or a “Good Price” so you can negotiate with greater assurance.

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