Prices of perfume in Addis Ababa 2015

Ever wonder why some scents remind you of a moment when you were getting ready for a night out in your teens or cuddling with your grandmother when you are shopping for fragrances? This is due to the fact that scent is dependent on each person’s unique life experiences, thus whether you like or detest a certain scent depends on whether you have created positive or negative associations with it. Consider how many flowers would need to be manually selected one at a time. For instance, jasmine needs five million blooms to produce just one kilo of oil, which accounts for the price of the perfume. Avoid rose-scented perfumes if you frequently find yourself nodding off at work because they may encourage you to do so. Instead, look for a fragrance with a stimulating ingredient like black pepper to help you stay awake. Use the white paper blotters that are scattered throughout the store for evaluating fragrances. To get a sense of the possible scent, spray some perfume onto the tip of these. Think of these blotters as a dress hanger when you buy a new one. You can decide if you like the style before trying it on, but you won’t know if it fits until you do. The scent of a perfume can vary greatly from person to person due to the reaction of the natural microorganisms on our skin. Don’t believe the idea that you should smell coffee between scent sniffs; it won’t assist your nose feel refreshed. It’s the alcohol in the perfume, not the perfume, that makes your nose tired. The only thing that can “sober” it up because of the numbing effects of alcohol is time.

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