Prices of women fashion clothes in Addis Ababa

Trends shift quickly, and it can be challenging to know how to modify them to fit our distinct (and gorgeous!) body types. In our opinion, being fashionable is all about looking amazing and feeling wonderful about oneself. But you may argue that we adhere to principles rather than laws. So we put together this helpful guide to show you how to dress for your body type and highlight your best features using clothes you already own. Every person and every body is unique. It’s okay if you’re not one of these shapes! It is preferable to utilise these clothing suggestions as a jumping off point to learn the fundamentals. And let’s face it, most women combine a number of traits! It all comes down to mixing and matching. Some silhouettes and designs may fit your figure better than others when you’re trying on clothing in the changing room. Although you can wear any outfit you desire, understanding your overall body type will help you make more confident clothing choices. Apple-shaped bodies, show off your legs with flared trousers and V-shaped necklines will lengthen your torso. Straight-leg trousers and outfits with structured shoulders will highlight your beautiful curves if you have a pear-shaped body.
Straight-shaped women, wear ruffled blouses, slim jeans, and figure-hugging skirts to highlight your great arms and legs. Hourglass figures, figure-hugging silhouettes, A-line dresses, and V-shaped necklines will highlight your narrow waist.

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