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Prime minister message after winning the election in a landslide

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I trust it won’t. It is a troublesome time for our client, Ethiopian Airlines. I’m from Africa and I have been working in Africa fundamentally 35 years out of my 40-year transporter with Boeing and throughout the most recent three years, we have had zero mishap fatalities until this mishap. Tragically this occurred. We are genuinely grieved that this has occurred.

Our relationship with Ethiopian Airlines is solid since the time we began with B707. In Africa, we conveyed two to Ethiopian Airlines in 1958. So we had a solid relationship with the aircraft. The carrier is an encouraging sign in the business flying in Africa. I regard the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde Gebremariam, tremendously.

He has driven the carrier to extraordinary development and extension. We need to keep on being essential for that development and extension. We will keep on doing all that could be within reach so we can be a decent accomplice to Ethiopian Airlines. Our key concern today is ensuring that the MAX plane returns to activity. When everything is set and done, it will be the most secure plane inactivity. It is said that it proceeded yet we anticipate the time Ethiopian Airlines keeps on procuring Boeing planes, for example, the B787 and more MAX planes which they have all together.

There are new reports about a break found on the wings of the B737 NG planes. What insurances should transporters take, including Ethiopian Airlines?

It’s difficult a report however it is a reality. It’s anything but fundamentally on the wing yet there is the thing that we call a pickle fork. It is an expulsion, an extremely enormous expulsion that the wing sits on. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given an airworthiness order. In light of the specialized tests made up until this point, the break was found on just 52 planes out of the huge number of B737 NG planes that are inactivity.

We have effectively the fix for the break and I am satisfied to say that we have settled on a choice to take care of the expense for our clients with that fix both as far as parts and work. FAA has given another explanation asking that every one of the planes is investigated again so every one of the carriers are going through examining their airplane. It’s anything but surprising what has occurred.


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