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Prof. Fikre Tolossa briefing on Ethiopian history

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Meeting with teacher Fikre Tolossa about Ethiopian history. Fikre Tolossa has got a large number of fans via web-based media. Also, eagerness about his new book is recognizable among Ethiopians on Social Media. Amharic and Oromiffa are the most generally communicated in dialects in Ethiopia. Truth be told, Amharic is spoken widely even outside of Oromo-talking portions of Ethiopia.

Ermias Tokuma, who is among the most dynamic Ethiopians in online media – obviously developing step by step expounded on the distribution of “Genuine Origin of Oromos and Amharas” with enthusiasm and good faith. He appears to have trusts that the book will clear politically charged, determined, and pervasive vagueness in discussions in regards to Oromos and Amhara and their connection to history.

While the two language-talking bunches are the most blended people groups of Ethiopia, revolutionary ethnic legislative issues with an opinion for withdrawal and some say that it has unfamiliar forces behind it, desolated hundreds of years and hundreds of years of agreeable connection. Not at all like the past, in the entirety of the politically charged discussions accentuation is fairly positioned on contrasts; the most extreme gatherings even painted Amharic speakers as foes. Fikre Tolossa, as an incredible man arrangement of study throughout the entire existence of Ethiopia as it identifies with Oromos and Amharas, has legitimate information to reveal insight into issues that is somewhat painted dull.

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