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Queen of Ethiopian theatre Haregewoin Assefa

Both you and your lover are aware of the depth of your love for one another. You also understand how to connect the dots that you wish to make and how to dispute effectively (or at least how to practice!). So why does the same argument keep coming up again and again? You are familiar with the fight—the one that never ends, particularly when one or both of you are stressed. They may be bugging you about constantly being on your phone or about how your partner kept forgetting to go to the grocery shop. It doesn’t help you support, be there for, and be as joyful as you can be together whether it’s a minor argument or a full-blown fight. While a lack of communication is the root of many marital issues, particular arguments can cause long-lasting anger if you or your partner do not feel heard or listened to.
Even if it seems foolish, have a formal meeting with each other to discuss any difficulties. A recipe for misunderstanding and feeling ignored is attempting to communicate wounded sentiments before going to bed or bringing up other issues when your partner forgets to unload the dishes. Set aside some time to sit down, put your phone away, and talk about your week’s emotions. Always give each other a chance to speak, and if you’re having problems doing so without getting angry, try having the argument in a public setting like a park or restaurant. You’ve undoubtedly argued with your partner at least once over the fact that they “never” empty the dishwasher or that they’ve taken out the trash three times in a row while you keep forgetting. A few sobs over an empty toothpaste tube at ten o’clock in the evening or a forgotten trip to the store for milk for porridge tomorrow may have occurred. It’s crucial to split household duties to prevent conflict, whether you both have jobs outside the home or just one (or several).

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