Rahel Getu came to surprise but she got surprised

Surprising someone can be a wonderful way to bring joy and excitement to their day. Here are some ideas to help you plan a surprise:

  1. Thoughtful gift: Choose a gift that reflects the person’s interests, hobbies, or needs. Consider something they’ve mentioned wanting in the past, or go for a sentimental gift that holds special meaning.
  2. Unexpected visit: Show up unexpectedly at their home, workplace, or a location they frequently visit. Ensure that your surprise visit won’t interfere with their schedule or responsibilities.
  3. Plan a party: Organize a surprise party with their friends and loved ones. Make sure to keep the secret until the big reveal and consider their preferences when planning the theme, decorations, and activities.
  4. Personalized message: Send a heartfelt letter, video message, or a recorded voice note expressing your appreciation and love. You can make it extra special by recalling shared memories or inside jokes.
  5. Romantic surprise: Plan a romantic evening with candlelit dinner, flowers, and their favorite activities. A surprise date or weekend getaway can be a memorable way to show your affection.
  6. Hidden notes or gifts: Leave hidden notes or small gifts for them to discover throughout their day. It could be in their bag, under their pillow, or tucked into their lunchbox.

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