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Rahel of Adey drama before and after

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A lot of creatives fall into the trap of believing that they or their work must be flawless before they are willing to share it or themselves with the world. However, perfection is a difficult lover. She has high standards and is never happy. She never shows up no matter how hard you try to make her happy. But if we want to make real progress, we need to give up the idea of perfection and replace it with forward motion. We’re not here to force ourselves to meet an unachievable ideal that keeps us striving and failing all the time. We’re here to discover who we are as unadulterated creative energy. to be aware of our abilities. If we are having a constant dialogue with ourselves about how inadequate we are, we can’t concentrate on our strengths. We believe that perfect happiness, perfect peace, perfect joy, perfect abundance, and the ideal career are all only beyond the reach of our labor. But once we realize that those concepts are a mirage created to block us from experiencing the now and all that is good, we can begin to own our life and our power in the most beautifully flawed way possible. Rather than perfection, we aim for more. Every morning, we want to feel happier, more joyful, at peace, abundant with talent and love, and more, more, more. Since we are here to grow, there is nowhere to get to. Perfectionism does not promote growth. The secret to success is to strike a delicate balance between being happy with where you are and what you have while actively seeking out and pursuing more.

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