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Practical jokes and funny pranks on friends and family don’t just apply to children; adults also enjoy causing mischief. The key is to make sure your practical joke is entertaining rather than dangerous. Avoid using tricks that are offensive, harmful, destructive, or hurtful, and always keep your audience in mind. These clever adult prank ideas are ideal for some lighthearted adult fun. Regarding “how to prank someone,” There are many options to consider. These practical jokes all involve food or beverages. Make sure your “victim” doesn’t have any food allergies or other medical conditions before attempting these tricks. You don’t want a humorous joke to unintentionally cause harm. Googly eyes are a guaranteed hit for adult practical jokes. Get several sets of googly eyes and place them on various items on the refrigerator’s shelves. They’ll be a little surprised when they open the refrigerator. But this clever practical joke will definitely make them smile. By adding eyes to jars that already have a face or eyes on them, you can make it even more entertaining. Make a batch of homemade cookies and substitute salt for the sugar. The cookies can be presented on a plate or packaged in eye-catching tins. Take the plate to a friend’s house for dinner or leave it on the table. Don’t forget to bring a camera so you can record the reactions of those who are biting. When they’re not looking, squeeze some lemon juice into their water. You could also include a tiny bit of salt or vinegar. When they take another sip, be prepared for their response.

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