Referee Lidiya Tafesse on EBS tea time

Setting limits is similar to drawing a line. The things you are comfortable with are on one side, and the things you are not comfortable with, don’t feel prepared for, or find uncomfortable are on the other. It is crucial for you to understand where your line should be drawn because everyone’s version of this line looks different. By establishing boundaries, you can help your partner understand your needs and alert you to situations that don’t feel right. You have the right to prioritise your wants over others’ needs, particularly if their needs make you uncomfortable. Do you require emotional support from your partner at all times? When will you declare your love for someone? Learn more about abuse and emotional boundaries. You must be open and honest, but you don’t have to sit down with your spouse and write a list of everything that makes you uncomfortable. Some of these issues may arise at the beginning of the relationship, for example, if you are a virgin and don’t want to have sex until you’re ready. Some of these issues might not surface right away, such as if your partner requests password sharing after six months of dating. You don’t need to provide an explanation when you talk to your partner about your demands when they differ from theirs.

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