Releasing 5 episode in a week is very difficult


I am personally reminded of how challenging it is to be in that situation through the acting component of musical theater. You have to learn lines, recall prompts and direction, create and play a character, all while masking your nerves. I hadn’t performed in about ten years before I joined City Academy, so being back on stage has rekindled my enthusiasm for the subject I teach every day. Nothing, including the friendships you make behind the scenes and the onstage banter, can match the sense of community you experience when putting on a performance. Storytelling and music are two of our most enduring and beloved art forms, and they are combined in musical theater. There are countless potential outcomes because it draws equally from fantasy and reality. Every rehearsal is unique. Blocking scenes may be the focus of the week, followed by harmony work. For myself, singing has never given me the same level of confidence as acting or dancing has. Therefore, the genre’s multidisciplinary nature and having technical singing sessions as part of preparation for a show have greatly aided my development as a performer. I’ve played several roles this year, including a medieval courtier, a baker’s wife in a magical forest, and even Santa Claus’s mistress. Cue an orchestra, lights, smoke, and a chorus of singing dancers when the emotion or moment is simply too great to be expressed in words alone. We don’t think twice about it because that is just fantastic musical theater.

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