Removing a makeup that costed 20,000 birr

For all the advantages gained by women who expertly use makeup, wigs, or shapewear, there is a risk associated with becoming too adept at altering one’s appearance to fit the standard of female beauty. There was nothing particularly shocking about these before and after photos for anyone familiar with the transformative power of makeup. However, things took a dark turn when they became popular, breaking free from the confines of makeup social media and entering the mainstream internet. The phrase’s meaning, which ultimately became a meme in and of itself, was crystal clear: Women are trying to trick men by using the various gimmicks of the beauty industry to seduce unwitting paramours into relationships. A man can easily end up married to a woman who is only pretending to have the attractive exterior that initially attracted him to her if he isn’t careful or takes the object of his affection at face value, so to speak. The implication is that women are naturally dishonest, and those who use makeup to obtain what they were denied by birth deserve to be exposed. For women, navigating the world of beauty is frequently challenging, if not downright impossible. If you completely avoid cosmetics, people will probably mock you for not caring enough about your appearance; if you place too much faith in the power of physical change, people will start to see you as a grotesque caricature of vanity and a portrait of deceit.

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