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Residents around Ataye message to the government

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The move plans to help the country’s ability to treat basically sick patients. Presently, the nation has 33 oxygen plants, 20 of which are operational, while 10 are not utilitarian and the rest, three, are being introduced. At present, 1805 measurement 3D shape of oxygen is being created each hour, which is 55% of the country’s creation limit.

“Due to forex deficiency, we couldn’t fix 10 of the plants. Presently subsequent to getting the forex from the public authority, we have begun bringing in spare parts expected to fix the plants that are not practical,” said Yacob Seman, Director of Medical Services at the Ministry.

A week ago, Addis Ababa confronted deficiencies in oxygen, which the Ministry said was the consequence of appropriation issues, affirming that there is sufficient inventory of oxygen for the pandemic patients.

“At the point when Ethiopia announced its first case, we concocted various situations. In the most pessimistic scenarios, if our basically sick patients arrived at 1,300, we assessed that 2,750 measurement solid shapes of oxygen should have been delivered,” Yacob revealed to The Reporter.

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