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Reyot and Lidetu discuss about the future of Ethiopia

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Salsa Royale Tigray (Third Revolt) was set up with the longing of continued with the practice of “Womanly Struggle” that was known as the “primary Royale” fight. The get-together agrees with an administration strategy anyway demands more essential independence for neighborhood states. The social event fights that Article 51 of the current constitution of Ethiopia cripples states and thusly fights for its removal from the constitution. The social event similarly fights that TPLF has lost the pride of the mind-blowing “Womanly Struggle” as it isn’t particularly settled enough in Tigray. Tigray Independence Party’s major political arrangement is to make a free sovereign country territory of Tigray. TPLF is searching for withdrawal from Ethiopia. It says it’s will fight honestly according to the constitution of FIRE aiming to accomplish its goal through a serene political cycle. The social event has opened an office in Moselle and branch specialist work environments wherever in the region.

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