Rice water for thick, shiny fast hair growth

Rice water is the starchy liquid that remains after rice has been cooked or soaked. It is said to help the hair grow more quickly and make it lustrous and silky. Women in Japan during the Heian era (794–1185 CE) had long, floor-length hair that they maintained in good condition by washing in rice water. This tale has a contemporary counterpart in China. The Yao ladies, who reside in the Chinese town of Huangluo, are renowned for having hair that is often 6 feet long. In addition to being extraordinarily long, Yao women’s hair is rumored to retain its color longer due to the fact that gray hair does not appear on them until they are 80 years old.
The Yao women attribute their hair’s length and color to the fact that they give it a rice water bath. Websites offering beauty advice and manufacturers of cosmetics have embraced this custom recently. The rice water craze is currently growing. The benefits of utilizing rice water on hair are becoming more well known through anecdotal evidence. But are the assertions supported by science? They could be. According to the authors, rice water may increase hair elasticity and decrease surface friction. The study does, however, rely on past precedents to make unfounded claims. A Japanese research center has created a method of imaging that shows how inositol strengthens hair in other places. Rice water contains inositol. It is significant to remember that a facility with potential financial interests published this research directly. The advantages of rice water for hair have not yet been established. The benefits of rice water for hair need to be more thoroughly studied in order to be supported by anecdotal data.

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