Rosemary oil for thinning and breaking hair

Both a culinary and medicinal herb, rosemary. This woody perennial is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, where it has long been consumed and used medicinally. The essential oil form of rosemary is usually available, just like oregano, peppermint, and cinnamon. Essential oils are distilled extracts of volatile plant components that have been substantially condensed. They are employed in cooking, cleaning, cosmetics, health care, and other activities.
You may frequently get and utilize rosemary essential oil as a home treatment. The health advantages of the oil include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as memory improvement. There have been rumors in recent years that the oil may be fantastic for hair growth. Some claim that it can even stop hair loss, citing the centuries-long usage of rosemary in hair rinses by Mediterranean cultures to encourage hair growth as proof. In one study, the plant’s active component, carnosic acid, repaired damaged tissue and nerves. This capacity to regenerate nerve endings may also revitalize scalp nerves, perhaps restoring hair development. Recent studies that are more revealing demonstrate that rosemary directly aids in hair loss prevention. In one 2015 study, Rogaine-brand minoxidil was compared to essential oil. Both were applied to androgenetic alopecia patients (male or female pattern baldness). The outcomes revealed that rosemary essential oil was equally potent to minoxidil. It worked better than minoxidil to alleviate the side effect of an itchy scalp during the procedure.
In contrast to the essential oil, rosemary leaf extract was shown in another study to promote hair growth. This happened when testosterone caused hair loss (as in pattern baldness). However, mice were used in this investigation.

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