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Sad story of University student

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Elias Gebreselassie experienced childhood in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and he, similar to his companions, has since quite a while ago idea that high rises, shopping centers and interstates must be scenes in Hollywood films.

The 34-year-old lauded China’s interest in present day foundation like streets and social offices, which made the capital an enchanting global city and the central command of the African Union.

Gebreselassie said his comprehension of China has been enormously improved in the wake of seeing its commitment to Africa’s financial advancement through the development of mechanical parks, high rises and charged rail route lines.

“This has motivated Ethiopian adolescents to find out about China and the Chinese public. Numerous youngsters, including one of my nieces, decide to concentrate in China, and numerous others like to go to Ethiopian colleges to contemplate Chinese through Confucius Institutes,” Gebreselassie said during a new meeting.

He said that the Kung Fu films he had looked as a kid gave him first openness to the Chinese culture. His comprehension of China has been additionally advanced through the east Asian country’s innovative ability and fast monetary turn of events.

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