Sami Dan singing “Eyangelatagn new ” on Seifu show

Nowadays, anyone can download a piece of software and begin “making beats.” Making music without any preparation or knowledge of how music functions is very alluring. However, learning music theory is a step that must be taken. You are essentially trying to invent the wheel if you avoid learning some theory. You’ll spend a lifetime making very slow progress as you try to understand how music works from scratch. Instead, take the wise path; many people before us have already figured this stuff out. It doesn’t have to take long at all to learn it; you can learn it very quickly by reading a book or studying with a qualified instructor. A great musician doesn’t “just strumming around to find some chords that work” when they compose music. They are acting exactly as they should. However, they will only be a One Hit Wonder and won’t be able to follow up with a second or third song, let alone an album. Every now and then, a non-theory writer will strike it lucky and write a hit song. The greatest bands of all time, who created hit album after hit album, had musicians who were completely in control and didn’t take any chances. Theoretical knowledge is thus a necessary habit for becoming a great musician. Some musicians master sight-reading and have excellent technique, enabling them to play challenging pieces from books. And it’s completely acceptable if that’s all someone wants. But by my standards, this isn’t a great musician. More than just being able to read and play music are necessary for someone to be a great musician.

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