Sam’s and Liha’s wedding ceremony

It’s possible that your pals will respond, “You’ll just know,” or “When you know, you know,” if you ask them how to know if you love someone. For some, things really are that simple. However, not everyone feels love in the same way. And for others, additional applicable guidance may be required to assist you in recognising your emotions. Here are nine symptoms that you could love someone romantically if you’re looking for some tangible proof that what you’re experiencing is genuine. If you love someone, you’re probably thinking about them a lot possibly the only thing on your mind before you fall asleep and the first thing you think when you wake up. Being in love, especially in the beginning stages, activates reward centres in the brain that release dopamine, a chemical responsible for pleasure, thus thinking about them is probably a pleasant experience and makes you feel good. Indeed, some professionals describe love as a “natural addiction.” It makes sense that when you love someone, you would want to protect, comfort, and look out for them. You also want them to do the same for you. By giving them the kinds of comfort you know or can presume they’ll value, you’re showing them how much you care.

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