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Samson Tadesse & Ruta Mengisteab Interview

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Sheger FM – Interview with craftsmen Samson Tadesse and Ruta Mengisteab. A large number of us are happy to see the finish of 2013 EC. For a large number of us, it was a year loaded up with a lot of the awful things and excessively little of the great stuff. Hardly any of us by any means will recollect that year affectionately. We trust with 2014 EC, the new year, that things will be unique.

Another year is simply one more arrangement of 365 days, another pivot around the sun. At its least difficult structure, it’s simply the resetting of a clock comprising of a year. Some will even say the main sign a year has is denoting the death of long-haul time.

However at that point once more, it would not damage to view at another year as an opportunity to begin once more, to roll out those improvements we generally needed, to at last set out on those endeavors we said we would try to do, to complete those jobs we said we would achieve.

With each new year comes new expectations all things considered. As per a few examinations, over half of individuals make New Year’s goals consistently to shed pounds, quit smoking, work out, set aside cash, and that’s just the beginning. Notwithstanding, 80% of those surveyed commonly deserted those goals before the second’s over a month.

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