“Satamahegn bilagn” new satire comedy part two

Satire is a figure of speech used by authors to expose and ridicule the follies and faults of individuals and society. Satirical humor is a sort of satire in which the author uses humorous elements to expose society reality or any problem. To uncover and oppose their crimes, the author constructs fictional personalities to impersonate real people. Its mission is to better society by exposing and addressing social issues. The author uses irony, humour, and exaggeration to reveal the leaders’ blunders and wrongdoing. A writer might express a point about a person, a culture, or even the entire world via his or her writing.

It’s usually a lighthearted piece of writing in which society’s imperfections are revealed to the world in the hopes that those who are being reprimanded would enhance their qualities by overcoming their flaws. Satirical humor is built on humour that follows criticism on some levels. It is used to bring about societal transformation. When actions become amusing, there is a drive to alter or improve them to fit the circumstances. The goal of this concept is to encourage advancement. It is implied that satire will be used. The reader is responsible for finding the humour; else, the satire will be lost to them.

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