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“Satamahegn bilagn” new satire comedy

Satire is a figure of speech used by writers to expose and criticize people’ and society’s follies and misdeeds.
Satirical humor is a type of satire in which the writer use funny aspects to reveal societal reality or any problem.

The author creates imaginary personas to portray real individuals in order to expose and denounce their wrongdoing. Its goal is to improve society’s problems by exposing them and providing solutions. To expose the leaders’ mistakes and misdeeds, the author employs irony, humour, and exaggeration. A writer can make a point about a person, a culture, or even the entire planet.

Typically, it’s a humorous piece of writing in which society’s flaws are exposed to the world in the hopes that individuals who are being chastised can improve their characteristics by overcoming their flaws. On some levels, satirical comedy is based on humour that follows criticism.
It is employed to effect societal change. When acts become amusing, there is a desire to adjust or better them in accordance with the situation. This concept aims to promote progress.

The use of satire is implied. It is the reader’s responsibility to find the humour; otherwise, they will not be able to enjoy the satire.

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