Saturday tea time with artist Alebachew Mekonnen

Pushing for emotion is one of the worst errors an actor can do. Do not force yourself to feel if you are unable to. When performers attempt to accomplish this, it is very evident and rarely comes off well. In actuality, it appears absurd. Unless the director has specifically instructed you to scream and shout, you want to be subtle when playing an emotionally charged character. Having said that, in addition to being able to portray happiness and joy, an actor must also be able to convey fury and severe pain. You must be able to communicate insanity as well. The top actors in the world were all able to pull this off. Having to put up with the wrath and emotional outbursts of directors and editors is a very sad aspect of becoming a great actor. Keep your composure when you are in front of them. Issues will arise if you lose it every time they do. Additionally, maintaining self-control throughout auditions is crucial. You won’t impress the panel if you appear to be unduly upset, furious, or enthusiastic about the feedback you receive. You must maintain composure and exercise judgement. Additionally, make sure you thoroughly practise your lines! Actors that arrive unprepared go without a job.

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