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Sayat Demesse’s spoke about the war

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As indicated by sources, because of the developing questions, the organization has not had the option to do its day-by-day exercises since June 22, 2021, while workers couldn’t be paid their month-to-month compensations. Also, the organization has neglected to consent to and restore arrangements with neighborhood cultivators who supply the further developed seeds for the organization.

However the national chief and a portion of the high-ranking representatives have not been in their workplaces actually June, sources said the directors and other few heads of division neither educated nor delegated acting heads during the time they remained off. Nonetheless, the country chief was said to have informed the Ministry of Trade last week that he left the organization, in accordance with the law which specifies that an organization can’t go on without top initiative for longer than a month.

Following his report to the Ministry, the Ministry advised the organization of the abdication of the top director. Moreover, The Reporter’s sources expressed that the administration of the provincial body from South Africa has designated interval authority for three of the six empty posts powerful as of July 3. As needs are, Fasil Yilma has accepted the country chief position.

Notwithstanding, as per the source, each of the six has not returned the organization vehicles they got. The vehicles are said to have cost the organization 22 mln birr.

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