See how this hair unit transformed her

A custom hair unit, sometimes known as a “man weave,” is a hair extension for men (and women!) who have hair loss due to aging, genetics, alopecia, follicle damage from braiding/chemical processing, or other factors. Custom hair units are adaptable, allowing the client to select from a wide range of styles that match in with their natural hair. The method of attaching the unit and then blending/styling it into your natural hair results in a very natural-looking, unnoticeable finish. A unit is also far more secure than a regular toupee, which can easily fall loose. A bonding agent formulated specifically for use on the scalp that secures the unit. A specifically designed tape can be used instead of the conventional bonding agent for individuals who want to remove the unit at night.
There are no surgical procedures involved; the method is comparable to that of any other barbering or hair-dressing service. Yes, in order to secure the device to your head, the hair growing where the unit will be placed must be trimmed off. Some units require you to have the majority of your current hair removed. If you don’t want to cut your hair, the specifically prepared taping option can be considered. Depending on the style and type of unit, application can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

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