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Seifu and his wife Veronica

Seifu and his wife Veronica. If you laughed at that joke, three cognitive processes occurred in rapid succession in your brain. You initially envisioned my grandfather sleeping peacefully in bed, but then you discovered that he was driving a bus. Second, you clarified the discrepancy: my grandfather was dozing while driving. Thirdly, you felt enjoyment because the parahippocampal gyrus of your brain enabled you to comprehend that I was joking. And that all brought you a small amount of delight. According to researchers, a sense of humor consists of six basic variables: the cognitive ability to create or comprehend jokes, an appreciation and enjoyment of jokes, joking and laughing behavior patterns, a cheerful or humorous temperament, a bemused outlook on life, and a strategy for using humor in the face of adversity. Therefore, having a sense of humor could indicate being amusing or enjoying things that are hilarious. Timing is everything when it comes to employing humor to increase happiness. If you have ever tried to make a joke about a tragedy and no one laughed, you may have tried to make up for it by stating, “Too soon?” According to academics who have studied humor in the face of tragedy, comedy can aid people in coping with sorrow and loss. On the other hand, the joke cannot be too close to or too far from the event. Y

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