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Seifu on EBS interview with Selam Tesfaye

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The cast of Yekokobu Sew Theater Aman, Meski and Fitch discusses the formation of the theater. A large portion of the social responsibility incorporates various shocking parts that are utilized as motivation to create and organize the particular Ethiopian theaters. Yearly administrations, like Shadey and Ashenda, Amhara and Tigray and Meskel, in Guraghe, Kaffa and Wolaita among Orthodox Christians, for instance, the tremendous passionate parts in their displays.

Such constructions won by a broad section of time as a technique for the enunciation between society. The European auditorium type in Ethiopia was introduced by Teklehawariat Teklemaryam, who zeroed in on Russia and went to Europe around the start of the 20th century. After his appearance of Ethiopia, he decided to form a play to adjust the theater vessel and show the public authority’s association and censure the poverty of the pioneers.

Abonah Ashagre created the astonishing progression that woke Teklehawariat to make a play. The principle play was a pioneer in the introduction of a sort of European auditorium in Ethiopia. After crafted by Teklehawariat, various emotional during the 1930s continued with the trip to create Ethiopian stories in the sort of European propagation.

Among the conspicuos are Yoftha Negussie and Melaku BigigoEw, whose works of work made the exhibition place is a popular labor force between the schools as of late settled in the capital. Schools, towards the finish of their scholarly year, started utilizing theater as a technique for the diversion and communicating messages to the pleadings and their kin.

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